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Meet Jess & Jess



Jess #1

Jessica Buchanan

Jessica Buchanan is the NYT bestselling author of ‘Impossible Odds’, a memoir that details her 93days in captivity in Somalia, and her dramatic rescue by SEAL Team VI. She is a TEDx speaker, educator, and a humanitarian at heart. Jessica believes in the power of nature to heal whatever ails us, and when she is not traveling the country speaking, or voraciously consuming books in preparation for the podcast, you will almost always find her traipsing around in the woods.

She is married to a native Swede, has two little half-Vikings (who get curiously bigger every day!), and restlessly resides in the DC Metro area.

To learn more about Jess and her ongoing adventures, visit 



Jess #2

Jessica Kidwell

Jessica Kidwell is a freelance writer, preschool teacher, and podcast host -none of which she was doing 10 years ago. She believes that you never know where life will lead you and that staying open to possibilities is the only way to live.  When she is not editing or promoting the podcast, she loves spending time with her family and friends and not being in charge of deciding what’s for dinner.


She is a married to a Renaissance man and has two children who are already smarter and funnier than her. She lives in Alexandria, VA and tries daily to not give in to the power of “keeping up with the Joneses”. To learn more about Jess K and her story, listen to the podcast and visit her on Instagram @kidwelljessica 



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