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Jess #1

Jessica Buchanan

Jess Buchanan is the NYT bestselling co-author of Impossible Odds, a memoir that details her 93 days in captivity in Somalia, and her dramatic rescue by SEAL Team VI. While that is an interesting detail of her life, it's not the only one- she is a wife to a native Swede, therefore she eats lots of fermented fish and spends her summers picking blueberries, and is the mother to two half-vikings that make her feel like the best, and sometimes worst, version of herself.

Jess comes from a long line of storytellers and it is her deepest passion to connect with other women as her most authentic self. She is an educator by profession, a humanitarian at heart, and dreams of the day when she can go back to Africa to stay. She currently travels the country sharing with others her stories of survival and resilience, spreading the word that if she can survive living outside with pirates who want to kill her for 93 days, she can do anything, and so can you.

She has been interviewed by Scott Pelley (60 Minutes), Jay Leno, Stephen Colbert, and Dr. Phil, just to name a few. Her published pieces include; Memoir - Impossible Odds - The Kidnapping of Jessica BuchananTo learn more about Jess and her ongoing adventures, visit 

Jess #2

Jessica Kidwell

Jessica Kidwell is a wife, mother of two, a pre-school teacher, a writer, and the co-creator/co-host of the brand new podcast “We Should Talk About That”.  Although she has never been kidnapped by pirates, she once dressed like a pirate to get a free dozen of Krispy Kreme doughnuts. She has complicated and messy thoughts and feels pretty comfortable sharing them.

Her work has been featured in “Write Bitch, Write” and on

Blog: Personal Essay - Write Bitch Write - The Gift of Grief, Jessica Kidwell
Blog: Aging with Grace - Blunt Mom, Jessica Kidwell


You can follow her on Instagram: @kidwelljessica and @westatpod 



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